Laguardia, Spain: Essential Tips for a Perfect Trip


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Laguardia is one of Spain’s most scenic and historic regions. The town – the largest in La Rioja of Alava – was founded in AD 908 as a military garrison to watch over Navarra’s southwestern flank. Situated on a promontory that overlooks the Rio Ebro River, Laguardia is surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and lakes. Here are essential travel tips to ensure your Laguardia vacation is the best excursion you will ever have.

Take a history tour

Whether you’re interested in Paleolithic remains, Roman artifacts, medieval architecture or classical Spanish churches and other buildings, you’ll find much to love within the boundaries of this ancient community.

The entire town is surrounded by high castle walls that were constructed in the 13th Century. There are several amazing churches, one of the most famous being San Juan, built in the Romanesque style. There is a nearby town called La Hoya, whose roots date back to pre-Christian times.

Visit Casa de la Primicia

Close to this massive 15th – century fortress features a monument of Felix Maria Samaniego, an 18th-century Spanish storyteller. Visit the castle and get a feel for life in Medieval Spain. You can also look around the castle’s underground bodega where there are wine tastings.

Marques de Riscal Winery

Located a few miles southeast of Laguardia is one of the largest wineries in the region. If you want to go on a tour of the vineyards, they are held every day. Additionally, you can see the cellars where grapes are stomped, and the wine is made. You are required to book your tour a day or two in advance.

Posada Mayor de Migueloa

This charming bodega is a short five minutes’ walk from the Casa de la Primicia. If you enter through the Calle Mayor entrance, go to the second floor where the Juanjo San Pedro Gallery is located. It’s a treasure trove of antiques and beautiful paintings.

Hike the Sierra de Cantabria

If you’re an outdoorsy type, you won’t want to miss the Sierra de Cantabria. This mountain range features endless opportunities for hiking, biking as well as camping. There are also schools that teach mountaineering schools.

La Grajera Reservoir

This recreational area has become a big hit with locals and tourists alike. Play golf, taste the various wines grown in the nearby vineyards or cool off in the lake’s refreshing waters – although if you’re into beautiful sandy beaches, Fuerteventura might be an even more perfect destination for you in Spain.

Grajera Park

This lakefront park offers scenic views of the mountainous, semiarid countryside. There are places for children to play as well as picnicking and swimming areas. Walk or bike on miles of lakeside trails or check out the rich wildlife.

Davalillo Castle

This hilltop fortress is another symbol of the region’s rich medieval heritage. Take a few hours to explore the many rooms, towers as well as the dungeons. As you might have guessed, like most places in this region, the castle is surrounded by vineyards. Visit the winery and do some wine tasting while you’re here.

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