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Paris! The city of Light and Love. There’s just so much here that it’s hard for anyone visiting to get disappointed. Boasting of amazing culture, food, architecture and fashion, Paris is truly a dream destination for any if not all tourists.

If truth be told, there are plenty of attractions in Paris and a lot is still hidden because of its rich history. You will find some of the most famous museums (get a Paris museum Pass for unlimited museum visits), the iconic city center that is full of history and one of the most interesting nightlife scenery you will find in the world.

A tour in Paris will provide you with lessons in beauty, history and you’ll probably understand why life should be enjoyed. The streets of Paris are full of art and history. From Monet’s Water lillies to the Eiffel Tower, one is simply filled with so much awe!

Even though there are so many things one can do in Paris this travel guide will prove useful for those visitors who intend to make a short visit to the capital of France.

Getting around Paris

Paris has one of the most expansive metro and RER- train systems, covering just about every corner. This is quite honestly the most ideal choice of transport since it’s convenient as well as being cheap. Tickets start from $2 while a pass goes for about $15. You can also use cabs, buses or even bicycles if you don’t intend to go far.

Paris Weather

Just like in most European countries, July is the warmest month while January is quite Chilly.

What You Should Know Before Visiting Paris

Paris is a very diverse city. There’s so much that goes on here that some tourists normally get culture shock when they visit. At times you might accidentally find yourself in a riot or something else that you didn’t plan for. Thus, it would be very useful if you tried to learn a little bit of French before you visit.

Best of Paris

The Eiffel Tower

Make sure that you get to the top of the tower to get a view of the beautiful panorama of Paris over 300 meters.

La Sainte Capelle

This 13th century royal chapel is not far from Notre Dame. The Chapel has one of the most remarkable stained glass windows that you’ll ever see.

The Moulin Rouge

If you’re interested in seeing the most famous cabaret in Paris, make sure you visit the Moulin Rouge.

The Gardens of Luxembourg

Situated in the Latin quarter is this classic city park. A good place to take your kids or spouse for a day out.

Paris Nightlife

If you plan to take a bus tour, you’ll definitely enjoy it more if you do it at night. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the illuminated monuments around the city. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs, especially in Pigalle.

Other Places to in Paris

  1. Disneyland Paris
  2. Paris Museums ; The Louvre, Rodin
  3. Montmatre
  4. The Latin quarter
  5. Seine riverboats

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