Fuerteventura, Spain


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Fuerteventura is a paradise awaiting your discovery. Its untouched coastline is adorned with emerald green waters merging with glowing white sandy beaches. The weather is perfect most of the time, characterized by warm golden sunshine and relaxing breezes from the sea. The island’s stunning volcanic landscape has earned it a title as a UN Biosphere Reserve. There is nature to feast your eyes on, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there are endless water sports to indulge in. Here are some reasons why you should put Fuerteventura on your bucket list.

Places to visit

La Concha beach, El Cotillo

Located in northeastern Fuerteventura is a number of family-friendly beaches. One of the most popular is La Cocha. It is dressed in white sand and adorned with calm turquoise water, perfect for a refreshing break away from the daily urban noise and chaos. The beach is close to the town and at sunset, mots tourists rush to see the skies turn colour from ochre to violet in just a short moment.

La Concha beach has gentle waves due to its crescent-moon shape. At low tides, small pools of water form, and these are great for the little members of the family to take a plunge in. There are enough facilities such as parking lots and restaurants in case you need to refill.

Corralejo Natural Park

If you are looking to experience the desert nature of Fuerteventura, Corralejo Natural Park is the place to be. It is a coin with two sides. One is characterized by rugged, volcanic, scorched red landscapes, and the other is a large dune of white sand that has been cleansed by the blue water of the Atlantic ocean. Getting to the park can be easily done by road, but exploring it demands that you put on your hiking shoes and take a walk through the natural wonderland.

Costa Calma beach

Costa Calma Beach is characterised by blue waters and white sand. Its waters are calm and the sand goes on for two kilometres. The beach is not packed and so you will get a chance to be just with your thoughts as you sunbathe on the sand. When the winds are swift, Costa Calma turns into a hotspot for surfers, ideal for those looking to get a surfing course. The road leading to the beach is fenced by green lush vegetation meaning the magic starts even before you get there.

Cofete beach

It’s hard to find a fitting description for this pristine wild beach that stretches twelve kilometres. Its shoreline is great for a simple stroll as your take in the scenic landscape characterized by golden sands and wild rumbling water.

Getting to Cofete Beach is not easy, perhaps that’s how this patch of virgin land has managed to stay untouched. You need a 4×4 to get there as there are no paved roads. The road has difficult spots that require expert driving skills. But, if you can endure it, you will be treated to some amazing views.

Scuba & Snorkeling

The waters of Fuerteventura are a paradise for divers. They are warm, never dropping below 20 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for a variety of marine life. But they are also as clear as crystal, meaning you can easily see the colourfully decorated fishes in the water. There are many diving schools so even if you are a noob, you are bound to have a great time.

When to Visit Fuietebrutara

Blessed with perfect weather throughout the year, Fuerteventura is an island like no other. Temperatures often go up to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer months from June to August. With little humidity and almost no rains, this is the best time to catch some summer sunshine.

Winter is not that harsh. It is an enjoyable time with temperatures that hover around 20 degrees Celcius. You might get some rains in December or March but there are never any torrential downpours. The showers are brief and often fall on just small patches of the island.

The all-year perfect weather makes it hard for those looking to capitalise on cheap prices in the off-season. It seems there is no off-season in Fuerteventura. Any month is a great month to visit.



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