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Please note: we are not an airline, nor a booking agency. 
We do not take bookings or sell flight tickets and hotel rooms.
TripsShop refers you to further sites, where you can compare hotels rates and ticket prices and make the final booking.

At TripsShop it is our aim to present you the best holiday destinations globally. We do this through compiling extensive travel guides and destination guides.
Beautiful places around the World inspire us and we believe everyone should have a chance to travel to their dream destination.
For this at TripsShop we also aim to direct you to the website where you will be able to find the best travel deals to get to your dream destination whether it is flights or hotels, we have you covered.

trips-shop.com is free to use. However if you make a booking on any of the comparison sites we direct you to, we will get a commission after your purchase. This allows us to keep adding content and amazing new travel guides to our site.
This does not mean that you will have to pay more for your booking in any way. This only means that the profit is shared among many smaller sites and bloggers rather than all going to one big corporation.