2019 European Summer Break on the Cheap: 7 Little-Known Gems


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When it comes to budget travel in Europe, you have to pick your destination wisely. Forget Paris, London, and Berlin: Europe has a ton of other remarkable towns and cities that will give you a similar sense of awe — and won’t drain your wallet in the process!

The best part?

You get to skip the tourist crowds and enjoy these unique destinations calmly. That’s right: no throngs of tourists. No overcrowded sites. No forests of selfie sticks. Are you sold yet?

Without further ado, below are the top 7 delightful towns to visit that are wonderfully off the beaten track!

1. Klaipeda, Lithuania


Klaipeda is one of the best little-known, low-cost destinations in the Baltic states. The third largest city and the only port in Lithuania, Klaipeda is home to some brilliant samples of Baltic, Scandinavian and German architecture, a wide variety of museums, and rich cultural life. The best part, however, is the beaches just outside Klaipeda, where you can enjoy long walks along the seaside and soak in the atmosphere of windy Nordic summer. Before you hop on a bus to the beach, head to the shop and grab a bottle of red along with some cheese, grapes, and tomatoes and enjoy your Instagram-worthy sunset picnic for just a couple of euros!

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