Hong Kong Trip Essentials: 9 Must-Know Cantonese Slang Phrases


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Planning your trip to Hong Kong and hoping to hang out with locals, but not sure how to break the ice with a new group of people? Or perhaps you’ve already learned some Cantonese but would like to level up your casual speaking skills?

Pick up some funny/useful/bizarre Cantonese slang phrases to liven up your language and impress the local Hong Kong crowd! Below, we’ll go through some great phrases to start with. Try them out and see how people around you react!

仆街 (Pok gaai) = “Bloody”


Never use this one with strangers not to come across as rude! Pok gaai is a curious and very versatile curse phrase: literally, it means to fall over, but it can be used as a noun to call someone a “bastard” or as an adjective similar to English “bloody” to intensify the noun. On its own, the word can be used to express irritation, in a way similar to “Damn it!”

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