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Toyko is a high-energy city with a culture of hard work and getting things done. One of the phrases that you will hear often is “Pali Pali” which means “quick quick.” For the people in Tokyo, it’s they’re way of life.

Best time to visit

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, it is best to visit it in fall and spring, where you will find the most stunning temperature and scenery. July is a great month to visit since many festivals take place in that month, and Mount Fuji is open for climbing; Kyoto is also a great destination to stop by in summer.

Getting Around

Toyko has a world-class public transit system. You can get around quickly by train, subway, and bus. You can get around by using the Yamamoto look which connects to the center of the town; then you can simply take subway lines to central districts.

You can also rent a car, but you must know that the roads on Tokyo are not easy to master, the traffic is terrible, and the parking lots are expensive. Taking a taxi is another option, but it’s also expensive. It’s easier to rely on Tokyo’s public transportation system.

Where to stay

In Tokyo, almost every district has excellent hotels to choose from. If you plan to stay in a friendly and affordable place, your best option is to stay in the Ueno district. In Ueno, you can stay at the Oak Hotel. While Ueno is a relaxed district, it has major attractions like the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, and the Ameyoko market.

If you are more into culture and fashion, in Shibuya, you will find off-beat boutiques, great restaurants, and a vibrating nightlife. Here you can stay at the Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel. At Center Gai, you will see lots of stores and cafes where you can get the feel of the area.

Places to visit

  • The Hachiko Statue – this statue is a life-sized statue of a dog from 1925. It’s a sign of loyalty and devotion. The dog’s owner died but yet he kept going to the train station every day waiting for his owner to return from work.
  • The Tokyo Tower – this is a tower made of steel that resembles the Eiffel Tower.
  • Ueno Zoological Gardens – it’s located in Ueno park, and it’s the oldest zoo in Japan. You can see pandas there.
  • The Imperial Palace – at the Imperial Palace you can learn about the Japanese history and current events.
  • Hakone – if you want to see Mount Fuji, Hakone is your best option. It’s a great place to escape from work and relax.
  • Sensji Temple – is one of Tokyo’s oldest temple. It was built in 645 C.E. to honor the goddess of Kannon.


There are lots of places in Tokyo where you can go on a shopping spree. If you are looking for electronics, you should head to Akihabara. If fashion is your thing, that Shibuya is the place to go. For souvenirs, you can’t miss the Oriental Bazaar in Ometesando.

Foods and Drinks

Tokyo takes its food seriously. You can get a taste of their seafood dishes at the Tsukiji Fish Market. There you won’t only be able to buy raw seafood, you can also eat at their most popular sushi bars Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai.

If you are looking for sashimi and grilled meat, your best option is to head to Ebisu Yokocho. It’s a foodie neighborhood is Shibuya. In Shibuya, you can also head to Nonbei Yokocho, a lane where you’ll find snack bars and bistros.

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