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When millennials speak of Amsterdam, you definitely know it’s a party. This city is one of the best preserved in all of Europe with more than 50 miles of canals and more than 6,000 buildings. You cannot walk for long without noticing a masterpiece in the city. There are many museums here, art galleries for those who love art, as well as some of Europe’s hottest clubs. One interesting thing in Amsterdam is the love to ride bikes – you’ll find plenty of bike-rental shops where you can gear up and go out for a spin.

When visiting this remarkable city, it’s like time stops and you tend to forget your troubles just for a moment. With this travel guide, you will be able to go beyond the weed and the red lights and discover the real Amsterdam.

Amsterdam weather and best time to visit

People visit Amsterdam with different agendas; some tourists just want to see the tulips so they visit from mid-April to early May. Some visitors only come for the New Year’s celebration; there’s a lot of partying going on then. However, if you want to enjoy a quieter and more relaxed Amsterdam, visit from October to March. July and August are the busiest months.

In terms of weather, January is the coldest while August is the hottest.

Getting Around Amsterdam

As discussed earlier, you can rent a bike and use the bike lanes to go wherever you want to go. Public transportation is also convenient (trains, buses and metros). You can get a chip card for about $9. You could also ask for a tourist pass from your driver.

What You Should Know Before Visiting Amsterdam

It is advisable to plan ahead since during the summer most of the attractions are usually busy. Be careful with your wallets as the city is well known for pick-pockets. Also be cautious when you are riding the tram or buying something in the markets.

Best of Amsterdam


This museum is one of the finest in the world. Make sure you arrive before 10am to avoid big crowds.

Anne Frank Huis

Another beautiful museum that gets more than 1 million visitors every year. Don’t miss this powerful experience.


If you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some peace and quiet, make a trip to this top choice park in the city.

Van Gogh museum

The Van Gogh museum is very fascinating, you will definitely be moved as you see Van Gogh’s life and how he developed through art.

A’DAM Tower

If you want to get the inspiring views of Amsterdam, take the lift to the top of this tower. You can also climb aboard the giant four-person swing for some fun rides with your kids.

Other places to visit in Amsterdam

  • Museum het Rembranthuis
  • De Hallen
  • Hermitage Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam City Canal Cruise
  • ARTIS Amsterdam
  • De Duif
  • Dutch National Opera & Ballet

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