5 Best Cities in the U.S. for Solo Travelers


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To many people, traveling alone is a fulfilling experience. For others, it is lonely and frustrating. If you are planning on doing some solo traveling in the near future in the United States, there are some great cities where with no shortage of sightseeing and fun things to do. As an aside, you’ll meet hundreds of other solo travelers.

Boulder, Colorado


If you’re an adventurous type of person, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store in Boulder. This city attracts tens of thousands of recreation-minded tourists each year. Boulder is set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. What do you like to do? Skiing? Cycling? Hiking? Whitewater rafting? Whatever your pleasure you’ll find it here.

There is so much to do here. Some of the biggest attractions include the Flatirons, a mountain with five unique flat peaks, Pearl Street, which has a variety of high-end shopping and restaurants, Eldorado Canyon State Park, and Mount Sanitas Trail.

Asheville, North Carolina


You’ll find a very unique vibe in Asheville, one that is quite different from other family or couple-oriented cities in the state. Yes, Asheville attracts a diverse blend of travelers, many of which are passing through the area in the Appalachian Mountains on their own. The Asheville region is known for outdoor pursuits, bars and restaurants, and very friendly people – not to mention beer which is produced in local breweries.

Austin, Texas


When you drive into the outskirts of Austin, you’ll see a sign that says: ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ Compared to most other cities in the Lone Star State, Austin is very liberal and progressive. Austin is also known for its vibrant music scene that includes country, blues, rock, and many other genres. One of the most popular hangout spots in the Texas capital is South Congress Avenue with its well-known musical venues, restaurants, and bars. East Austin is renowned for hipster bars where you’ll meet plenty of singles and fellow solo travelers.

New York City


New York City is a mecca for singles and those who like doing their own thing. NYC isn’t called ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ for nothing. Travel around Manhattan at night and you’ll find endless nightclubs and venues for watching live music. Times Square becomes an electric circus at night with endless partying going on for much of the year.

If you’re into shopping, there’s an endless array of that here as well. Art. Clothing. Jewelry. Everything is here. If you want to explore the city, iconic Central Park is a cool place to run or cycle or just relax.

Berkeley, California


College towns are becoming popular tourist destinations for solo travelers. College towns such as Berkeley tend to be very accepting of folks of different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations and feature some of the greatest partying scenes and varsity sports you’ll find anywhere.

There are always events happening at UC Berkeley. In the city’s downtown, you’ll find many trendy and hip establishments including Cornerstone Craft Beer and Live Music, The Back Room and The Starry Plough Club.

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