Kilifi, Kenya


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If you seek a tranquil holiday away from the urban hustle and bustle of day to day life, you can never go wrong with Kilifi, Kenya. It is a sleepy town with beautiful enchanting scenery, and a wide range of activities for the whole family. Kilifi has little to offer in infrastructure. What it promises, though, is a holiday that will reveal to you the most delicate natural beauty of Africa. Here are some of the things you get to see and do in Kilifi County, Kenya.

Take a dhow cruise

Kenya has a long history of dhows thanks to its abundance of coastline on the Indian Ocean. In the distant past, these dhows were the lifeline of one of the oldest trade routes connecting Arabia, Africa, and India. Today, these are a great way to experience the scenic beauty of the islands dotted around Kilifi. You can take a serene slow sail under the moonlight or at sunset while taking in the spectacular beauty of the coral reefs.

Water skiing

It’s not easy to resist the calls of the ocean on Kilifi beaches. The county offers some of the best conditions for skiing- waves to ride with no dangerous sea animals at the beach. Whether you are a newbie or a skiing pro, fun is guaranteed. There are skiing schools headed by skiing experts with years of experience. No gear? No worries. You have a wide selection of shops that either sell or hire out skiing gear.

Watamu Marine National Park

Kenya is known for being the home of the big 5 -the elephant, the lion, rhino, the buffalo, and the leopard. But, a trip to Kilifi will show you the aquatic side of the fauna spectrum, which is equally intriguing. Watamu Marine National park is endowed with 600 species of aquatic animals, earning a designation as one of the UN World Biosphere Reserves. A visit to the marine park will also earn you a change to indulge in serval water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, and even scuba diving.

Midi Creek

If you are a sundowner, you will fall in love with midi creek. It offers some surreal scenes as the sun sets over turquoise water amid mangrove forests. The tidal inlet is home to different species of birds, sea turtles, and fish. As you cruise by, you can catch a glimpse of jacks, rabbitfish, snappers, parrotfish and groupers.

Wild Jeep Tours

Kilifi has numerous wild jeep tours to choose from. This is your chance to discover the raw wild side of Kenya in style. Get up close with some of the most fascinating animals of the Savannah such as lions, giraffes buffalo, hippos, and zebras. All tours are conducted by an experienced tour guide who will promptly answer all your curious questions.

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is a bird-watchers’ paradise. It is the second- most important sanctuary for birds in the whole of Africa, boasting a large variety of rare bird species. The best way to experience the forest is to take a guided tour where you will meet the Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew and other endangered species.

Kilifi weather

Kilifi enjoys a generally warm climate the whole year. Temperatures yoyo between 21 degrees Celsius for the coldest months, and 32 degree for the warmest. The county gets two rainy seasons in a year: one from April to June, and the other from October to December.

Hotels, Transportation, and other facilities

Transportation: You can get to Kilifi from Mombasa or Nairobi by bus. But if you would like a faster transfer, you could use Vipingo Ridge airstrip for a quick flight. Getting around Kilifi is best done by taxi or by PSV Nissan Mini Vans, locally called matatu.

Accommodation: Whether you are looking for five-star accommodation or a cheap hotel to go with your frugal trip, Kilifi has you covered. It is home to some the finest hotels including Billionaire’s Resorts, Mwembe Resorts, Dream of Africa, and Coral Key, to mention just a few.

Shopping: You will have no problem doing your basic shopping in Kilifi. It has numerous supermarkets packed with most essential groceries. You will also find lots of curio shops where you can buy ornaments and curio items such as animal carvings.

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