Ecotourism in Thailand: 5 Beautiful Destinations


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For those tired or slightly bored of globetrotting just for the sake of it, ecotourism is a hot travel trend worth looking into! With environmental awareness skyrocketing globally, more and more ways arise to help promote the preservation of ecological and cultural sustainability.

The problem?

It’s still not so easy for the local communities and organizations to attract the right kind of crowd. The opposite is also true: as a tourist who wants to engage more in local conservation, where do you even start?

Today we will go over five unique opportunities currently available in Thailand. These organizations offer anyone a chance to make a difference by helping exotic, often threatened, natural environments:

1. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Located in the last remaining rainforest of Phuket, The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project is rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing gibbons in Thailand since 1992. Their mission is, as they put it, “to return Thailand’s most intelligent wildlife species, gibbon, back to where it’s previously extinct.” The organization will be happy to see you in Phuket where you can learn about gibbons and get an over-the-shoulder glimpse at the day-to-day work of the activists. They also run an “adoption” program which enables anyone to support a chosen gibbon’s rehabilitation and help the animal get back to the forest.

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