What’s the Best Time to Travel to the Dominican Republic?


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For those looking for the opportunity to enjoy a sunny beach holiday any time of the year, the Dominican Republic is the place to go!

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind while planning your vacation in the tropical paradize.

Although the temperature is pretty much the same all year round, the frequent rains and storms are specific to just several months. The climate in the Dominican Republic is tropical, so it often rains in general, but heavy rains are typical for the period from May to September. Short-term showers in November and December are also quite possible. The rest of the year, the weather is mostly dry and warm. The hottest month of the year is August. Average daytime temperatures range from +25°C in winter to +33°C in summer.

All things considered, the best time to go to the Dominican Republic is between December and March and between July and August, when the sun is shining brightly and the rains are scarce.

When is the rainy season in the Dominican Republic?


In general, it is believed that the rainy months in the Dominican Republic are September, October and May. That said, the amount of precipitation in these months typically does not increase as much as, for example, in some countries of Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is also correct to say that there is no “official” rainy season in the Dominican Republic, but there is a hurricane season, which almost coincides with the unofficial “rainy season”. Read on to learn more about the hurricane season!

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