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The excitement of a vacation in Seychelles starts the moment your plane begins its descent. It’s an archipelago of over 100 islands, pristine beaches, and lots of adventures both on land and on the sea. For those with a spiritual inclination, Seychelles has a little something for you. You can join a meditation and yoga class in a natural and serene environment that will be a break from the daily commotion of urban life. Here are some reasons why Seychelles is a world-renowned tourist hub.

Best Places to Be in Seychelles

Anse Intendance

Mahe has many beautiful beaches and this is one of the best. It is a small quiet patch of sand that is loved by surfers for its violent waves. Swimmers might however find it a little intimidating because of the lack of a protective reef. But, if you are brave enough, you will enjoy the plunge. For mere sunbathing and beachcombing, this is a paradise. The scenes are a photographers dream come true thanks to the picturesque landscapes that look green and inviting throughout the year.

Anse Lazio, Praslin

Located on the northern shore of Praslin Island, this is another hot spot for tourists. Getting there requires you to take a hike over a hill. It can be tiresome but once you get to the beach, you will realise it is worth every drop of sweat. The stretch of soft brownish sand is surrounded by large round boulders on one side, and crystal clear water on the other. If you need to step out of the sun and relax, there are tanak palm trees dotted on the edge of the beach offering cool shade.

La Digue Island

This is among the top four largest islands on the archipelago. This is the place to be if you would like to immerse yourself in nature and experience the unadulterated traditional island life. Getting around is done native-style: on bicycles and ox-carts. The island is edged by brilliant white sandy beaches with a few granite rocks that make it a scene worth gracing a magazine cover.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Step away from the beaches and take a thrilling hike in Morne Seychellois National Park. This is a hotspot for nature lovers thanks to its mountains that are covered in lush green bushes. The trail starts from the village of Danzil and takes you through plantations, offering you sweeping views of Mahe on the way.

Vallée de Mai National Park, Praslin

A visit to Vallée de Mai National Park, Praslin is a chance to merge hiking, birding, and an inside look into some of the islands rarest plants. The vegetation here is so rare that it has been designated a UNESCO Heritage site. It hosts more than 4000 coco de mer fruit palms along with vanilla orchids, Chinese fan plants, and latanier. This patch of heaven is also home to several unique bird species including the fruit pigeon, and Seychelles’ symbolic bird, the black parrot.

Adventures in Seychelles

Scuba diving: The Island is a hotbed for scuba divers, both amateurs and pros. You will get a chance to experience the marine wonders of Seychelles up close. You can dive as deep as 8 meters to 30 meters depending on what you want to see and your level of experience. Scuba diving gear is available for hire so no need to worry about that.

Surfing: Capitalize on the strong winds that blow on the beaches of Mahe. The only problem is that the swell of waves are sometimes too shallow and there aren’t that many good days. But, if you catch one, it sure will be a time to remember.

Sea Fishing Trips: Sailfish, blue marlin, swordfish, and skipjack are some of the species you might catch on your fishing trip. All you have to do is hire a yacht and embark into the beautiful turquoise sea that surrounds Seychelles.

Skydiving: Plunge down to the earth from a height of 14000 feet as you enjoy aerial views of the beautiful island. There are many packages to choose from and you will find something whether you are a first-time diver or an experienced one. For about a minute, you will enjoy the sensation of free falling at speeds of 120 miles per hour. You will be in the hands of professionals so no need to worry.

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