15 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist


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Hotels are oftentimes advertised to be a home away from home, but who wants that? While traveling to a foreign land, or perhaps across the state, aren’t you looking for something a little more adventurous, more luxurious, and packed with facilities that you don’t have at home? If so, then you’ll want to read our list of five of the most unbelievable hotels rooms and suites that actually exist. Keep in mind that “unbelievable” hotels often come with unbelievably exorbitant rates, but that’s not always the case as you’ll see from our list.

1. Treehotel, Sweden


It was perhaps everybody’s childhood dream to be able to have their own tree house. Now you can sleep in a specifically made hotel suite built atop a tree in the Harads Municipality in Sweden. The most unique rooms are the Bird’s Nest, a room literally shaped like a twiggy bird nest; the Mirror Cube, a camouflaged hide-out with reflective exterior walls; and the UFO, because why not? The rate of each room starts from about $800 per night, but with complete amenities, including a sauna and Jacuzzi, it’s definitely worth it.

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