15 Forbidden Destinations You Can Never Visit (but can get close to)


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There are certain places on our planet that don’t allow a single person to visit. This is understandable, of course, since there are artwork, ruins, or inhabitants that can be destroyed by visitors or the bacteria they bring. However, just because we can’t visit them doesn’t mean we can’t get close to their vicinity. This list will tell you about 15 forbidden destinations that you’re not allowed to visit but can see from afar.

1. Area 51, Nevada, USA


Everybody has heard of the various conspiracies surrounding the Area 51 military base established in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. The purpose of this air base is unknown to civilians and even people living within the state. Some conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that this is where the US government shelters the public from experiments on alien beings, while others dismiss this as a puff of hot air. Whatever’s going on in there, we’ll probably never know. Not even the airspace above the military air base allows commercial planes to pass.

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