15 Breathtaking Views from Above


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There’s something about being able to look down on life from above. Not only does having an elevated outlook give you a feeling of being “on top of the world”, you get a different perspective on the environment we live in that you never get from the ground.

Whether natural wonders, human-made structures, or just images of our everyday lives, some of the shots being captured by drone photographers, pilots, and others from aircraft are quite breath-taking. Here are 15 for you to enjoy from various locations around the globe:

Tulip Fields – The Netherlands

Image source: www.pinterest.com

Simply stunning!  Holland, of course, is well known for their tulips, and the canals. On the ground, you can explore both on foot, by bicycle, or by boat. If you’re wondering when the best time to see tulips in full bloom in the Netherlands is – it’s April!

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